Our project

Invoke the fiery is a ritual 15-foot metal portal adorned with spiderweb patterns awaits. Enhanced by a lotus lace patterns' circle, it guides participants on a transformative journey. At its heart, a suspended bell resonates with each passage under the arch. Illuminated by red light at night, it draws inspiration from Hindu Kali mythology. Participants get to shed their burdens and embrace renewal. Along the path, several metal bowls beckon. Participants can inscribe their burdens on stones before passing under the arch, accompanied by ritual sounds. A fire ritual, burning offerings on sheets, enriches the experience. Through these symbolic acts and immersive engagement, Invoke The Fiery becomes an invocation to change, urging passage and burden's liberation.


Kali is the goddess of time, death and deliverance, destructive and creative mother. She symbolizes preservation, transformation and destruction to better rebuild. The goddess Kali is the destroyer of evil in all its forms. All powerful, she can represent the light and the truth. Her confrontations with demons symbolize the inner struggles of humans in the face of everyday life. According to Hindu thought, every woman has the goddess Kali within her. She has a duality in every way and is a symbol of female empowerment.The Kali Yantra is the pattern we used to create our arch.The Kali Yantra invokes the goddess Kali and all the concepts and powers she carries. A yantra is a symbol used in meditation to achieve a state where all illusions are destroyed to reach a point of pure consciousness. Yantras reveal concepts and aspects of the world, as their shapes appeal to unconscious psychic structures. She is the perfect entity to invoke for a ritual passage that is meant to be the engine of change. To leave behind those garments that we no longer want, those weights that weigh us down. To destroy these to better rebuild ourselves. And Burning Man is the perfect place and moment to invoke that change in us.


The flame symbolizes the permanence of a principle, the inner light and the determination.
The flame is also a symbol of hope. Fire is naturally associated with the sun and light. Fire enlightens, dissolves darkness, illuminates, opens consciousness. Symbolically, to cross the wall of fire is to renounce oneself and one's pride. It is to abandon oneself, to accept to die, to sacrifice oneself in order to enter a new world, made of peace and love. Fire evokes an intimate purification, a death that announces the birth of a better being. Fire represents energy, strength, the active will, whether it is the human will ready to rise, or the divine power that makes the world turn.

We invite participants to come and burn what they no longer want and which weighs on them in this flame filled with hope and offering a power of renewal. 

Like a phoenix, participants burn an intimate part of themselves in order to be reborn.

This flame is the crystallization of the invoked change.

The act of burning this paper where the participants write what they no longer want is a liberating, ritual and initiatory act, a motor of change.

Spider web

The spider web is a symbol depicted as hiding the ultimate reality with the veils of illusion. The idea of a web illustrates how we are interconnected with each other in immeasurable ways.
The spider is an animal that symbolizes creativity and feminine energy in general. Spiders are indeed characterized by their ability to create and draw complex webs. They carry many strong symbols, such as feminine energy, patience, receptivity and destiny. They also carry the personal shadow which corresponds to the dark aspects of a person's personality or life. In Hinduism, Maya is a deity presented as a spider weaving the illusory world of the senses in the center of its web.  The spider's thread is the medium, the support of spiritual realization.

These spider webs that make up our work are the ones that will hold these illusions. Like a dream-catcher, they will keep the negative in their bosom to let the participants realize themselves without this negativeness.


This work is as a ritual, an invocation to change, an emotional and spiritual transition. Like Kali, it is about destroying in order to better rebuild. We invite the participants to unload what they do not want anymore and to leave it symbolically in our work. This is done with the help of the powers of the cultural and unconscious symbols used in the work: the Kali yantra, the spiderweb and the fire. Whether it is the passage under the arch, like an initiatory passage, or the burning of the papers, the work invites to an interactive and ritual experience.

This ritual is participatory, participants can burn their own papers.

It is also a moment of personal reflection as well as a collective experience. The papers are burned in collective sessions. It also asks the participant to connect with themselves, to talk to their heart. It is also a time to connect with the universe. A change takes place in ourselves as much as in the act of asking for it. We create the possibility of putting a physical gesture on a will for spiritual or emotional change. A strong symbol that is enacted in the present and in reality. We want to offer the participant the space and the possibility to realize this ritual.

Come, write down what weighs on you and what you wish to leave behind, burn it in the flame, pass symbolically under the arch, to act this invocation to change. Pass through this portal as you pass through the door to a new world, the one of the new you.