Our team

Tex Kang is a maker. Héloïse Roueau is an artist. They met in 2020 in South-Korea and spent Burning Man 2022 and 2023 together. They have a common desire to create and decided to make an artistic collaboration for the burn of 2024. They work on that project since now a year. They have happily welcomed Christopher Struble in 2023 to join their project. He is a multiple skills burner and builder. Solène Jehl is their new welcomed builder.

Who are we ?

Tex Kang

Tex Kang is South Korean citizen currently living in the US working at the University of Pennsylvania as one of their library's managers and as a makerspace instructor. He has a background in civil/environmental engineering and has participated in multiple Burns and regionals, designed the effigy and playa for the regional Korean Burn and been a camp lead for the regional China Burn.

He has numerous interests that span from fire breathing and spinning, making electric go karts, owning and operating a KBBQ resturant during the pandemic, minor surgery for microchip implants, breaking Guinness world records or two, and 3D printing illegal Lego pieces. He has two dogs named 'Space' and 'Time' in Tolkien elvish and does not know how to swim despite being born and living in a penninsula for more than half his life.

His classes at UPenn reflect his job title as Program Coordinator for Technology and Play by incorporating Wellness into the pedagogy of learning to motivate students with passions of their own. Some recent progarm he has run include, but are not limited to: upcycling old t shirts by heat pressing on DALL E's AI generated artwork, making electric guitars (not teaching how to play as he has never been diligent enough to learn himself), and making independantly programmable NFC stickers that contain emergency medical information for bike helmets.

Recently, he is considering getting a Masters or PhD in the easiest possible field since it is free and hopes his blood mead (bacterial yeast derived from his blood) turns out well without blinding him.

Héloïse Roueau

Héloïse Roueau is a young French artist with a Master’s degree with honors in Fine Arts from the Beaux-Art of Dijon in France.

She has been shown internationally.
She already did two walk-in art project for Burning Man in 2022 and 2023.

In Korea, she has presented a solo exhibition at Seoul13 Gallery in Seoul, which was advertised by the Cultural Department of the French Embassy. She also took part in an artistic resistance with a Korean art institution.

She had a collective show in Cleveland, USA. 

In France, she participated in several collective exhibitions and artistic events which were covered by press. She has also been part of numerous artistic workshops, mostly about the thematic of the nature. She has work and been shown with the ecological and feminist French artist Lydie Jean-Dit-Pannel.

Héloïse Roueau has worked as the artist’s assistant for the multi-award winning American artist John Sanborn on several projects from small galleries to bigger projects, such as with the MoMa of New York and the Qatar National Museum. She has also worked as director / editor for independent artists and taught art to children and teenagers.

She was working as the art direction / shooting / editing manager for a fashion company in Seoul.

Born near the sea, Héloïse Roueau has a strong relationship with the ocean and nature in general.

In her work she confronts her body with natural elements. It occupies an interstice where it places humanity in front of its limits, where the drives of life and death are indifferent. She walks in a world of myths and rituals, in a desire to reactivate them, to invent her own, as so many manifestations of archaisms that persevere through the ages. Her work is situated between eco-feminism, archaism, neo-mythology and ecological issues.

Christopher Struble

Christopher Struble, a dedicated Burner, has immersed himself in the vibrant world of Burning Man for over a decade. His journey extends beyond the playa, where he actively contributes to projects, including Art Cars, showcasing his adeptness in metalworking. 

Christopher is also well-versed in flame effect projects, bringing an extra dimension of dynamic and fiery creativity to his portfolio. 

Beyond the creative realm, he is an avid climber and construction enthusiast, finding joy in problem-solving and the hands-on artistry of building. His passion for both the Burner community and his diverse interests reflects a commitment to creativity, collaboration, and the spirit of Burning Man. 

Christopher is also a data engineer, bringing analytical skills to complement his artistic prowess. 

Additionally, Christopher's skills encompass both structural welding and electronic components, showcasing his versatility in crafting a wide range of artistic elements.

Solène Jehl

Solène Jehl, a spirited young French woman with a penchant for exploration, has journeyed across continents, weaving a tapestry of cultural experiences that enrich her perspective and fuel her boundless curiosity. This adventurer has spent significant time in Korea, Germany, and Australia. 

With a persistent and resourceful personality, she has cultivated a knack for hands-on creativity and problem-solving.

With a soul marked by perseverance and a steely determination, Solène's ingenuity knows no bounds. A natural tinkerer and do-it-yourself enthusiast, she thrives in the realm of construction and creation, finding joy in the process of building something from nothing.

Solène Jehl joins the project as a dedicated builder. Working full-time, she will be welding, working with metal, and installing and uninstalling the artwork. As a First Burner, she eagerly anticipates being part of this adventure with us at Burning Man.

Our Team _ On Its Way !

Within our team, a collective of passionate individuals is converging their talents and expertise to bring our art piece to life at Burning Man. 

As we embark on this artistic journey, we remain open to welcoming new contributors who share our enthusiasm and vision. We invite more individuals to join us in shaping this extraordinary creation and contributing their unique skills to our collaborative effort. 

Our team is dynamically evolving as we progress in our creative endeavor. As we forge ahead with the construction of our art piece, our collaborative community continues to grow and welcome new members who share our passion and dedication. Join us on this exciting journey as our team takes shape, inviting fresh perspectives and skills to contribute to the collective art. 

Let this exhilarating adventure begin !



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